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PureGrain™ DLVT

Discover the future of flooring at Floor It 41 with exclusive PureGrain Flooring! As one of the few retailers in the area to offer this innovative product, we provide a unique blend of beauty and durability. PureGrain features advanced digital print technology and a robust high-density core, delivering an authentic wood look with minimal plank repeat. It’s waterproof, pet-friendly, and highly durable, perfect for modern living. Proudly made in the U.S.A., each design in our range ensures your space stands out. Visit Floor It 41 today and elevate your home with the best new flooring on the market!

PureGrain DLVT

Stop Repeating Yourself

Floor It 41 is thrilled to introduce PureGrain™ by Engineered Floors®, a groundbreaking advancement in flooring technology. Elevate your space with the first domestically made Luxury Vinyl Tile (DLVT) that utilizes state-of-the-art digital print technology to create 35 unique planks before repeating. Experience unparalleled high-resolution designs imprinted directly onto a robust high-density rigid core. Because each design begins with scanning real wood species, we offer a limitless array of design possibilities and a flooring experience with minimal plank repeat, ensuring an authentic wood look and feel that truly represents nature’s diversity.

Choose PureGrain™ for a home that’s as resilient as it is beautiful—because at Floor It 41, we’re committed to bringing you floors that are built to last!

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PureGrain FAQS

PureGrain is a premium type of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) that uses digital print technology to create high-resolution wood designs on a high-density rigid core, providing a realistic wood appearance with significant durability benefits.

 Yes, PureGrain flooring is completely waterproof, making it ideal for areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements where moisture resistance is crucial.

 Yes, PureGrain can be easily installed over most existing flooring, making it a versatile and cost-effective option for remodeling projects.

PureGrain flooring offers superior resistance to scratches and dents due to several of its high-quality features. The flooring includes an Evertuff Clearcoat®, which enhances its durability against scratches. Additionally, the construction of the flooring uses a high-density rigid core which significantly contributes to its high indentation resistance, making it very resistant to dents.

PureGrain flooring by Engineered Floors® comes with the following warranties:

1. Lifetime Residential Warranty

2. Lifetime Waterproof Warranty

3. Lifetime Pet Stain Warranty

4. 10 Year Light Commercial Warranty

These warranties provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring peace of mind when it comes to durability and performance in both residential and light commercial environments.

PureGrain ensures an authentic wood look and feel through a unique manufacturing process that involves several key techniques:

1. **Digital Print Technology:** PureGrain utilizes advanced digital print technology to create high-resolution designs. This technology allows for detailed and realistic patterns that closely mimic the natural appearance of wood.

2. **Scanning Unique Wood Species:** The process starts by scanning real wood species to capture their natural beauty and distinctive characteristics. This ensures that the designs are as true to life as possible, providing an authentic wood visual.

3. **Minimal Plank Repeat:** By designing with 35 unique planks, PureGrain reduces repetition in the wood patterns, which enhances the natural wood look by avoiding the artificial appearance that comes from frequent repeats.

4. **Natural Bevel and Digital Emboss Lite:** The edges of the planks feature a Natural Bevel, and the surface is treated with a technique called Digital Emboss Lite, which adds subtle textures that replicate the feel of real wood underfoot.

5. **High-Resolution Designs:** The high-resolution printing not only captures the look but also the intricacies of wood grain, resulting in a more detailed and authentic appearance.

These techniques combine to deliver a vinyl flooring product that not only looks like natural wood but also feels like it.

“High dimensional stability” in flooring refers to the material’s ability to maintain its shape and size despite changes in humidity and temperature. For PureGrain flooring, which is constructed with a high-density rigid core, high dimensional stability means:

1. Less Expansion and Contraction: The flooring is less likely to expand or contract significantly with changes in moisture and temperature. This is crucial for maintaining a stable, smooth floor surface without warping or gaps.

2. Durability in Various Environments: Because it resists dimensional changes, PureGrain flooring can be installed in various settings, including those with fluctuating climate conditions, without worrying about the integrity of the flooring.

3. Longevity: Floors with high dimensional stability are likely to last longer because they are less prone to damage caused by environmental conditions. This means fewer repairs and replacements over the life of the flooring.

4. **Easier Installation Over Existing Floors:** Due to its stability, PureGrain flooring can be installed over most existing floors without the risk of the new flooring becoming distorted due to issues in the subfloor.

There are a variety of colors and styles that fall under PureGrain flooring and we now choosing the right choice can be difficult. Contact us today or visit us in store to learn more about the different PureGrain options.

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